Hello and welcome to Arch.Out – Archaeology Outreach Services.

We are archaeologists that have a passion for outreach projects linked to archaeology and heritage helping communities and groups progress projects of educational Outreach.

Essentially this means crowd-sourced support where volunteers give of there time collecting information, monitoring the monument/s and liaise with local groups, schools, local authorities and visitors to help manage, protect, preserve, yet advertise the splendours of the monuments and their environments.

As with Council for British Archaeology’s project “Adopting Archaeology” and the University of Cambridge Currently Occupied Rural Settlement (CORS) project, we have developed resources and a guidelines that will help with programs of local and digital archaeology i.e. people local to a monument sharing pictures, articles, investigations and monitoring that are akin to the CORS methodology.

Find out more about registering as a volunteer at https://do-it.org/ or if you already have, complete the following form to let us know information about your group (it’s name, where it is based and what it is doing or hoping to do with contact information) and can provide support as we can to volunteers, volunteer groups and volunteer coordinators. For more information on getting involved in “Adopting Archaeology” please download the Co-creation participant information form from here or the CBA.

We also have a KnowledgeBase with glossary of terms and questions & answers.


Services on offer

There are several ways of engaging volunteers - we can set something up for you (you need to be a registered charity) or manage volunteer registration ourselves
This is generally done via volunteer coordinators selected from or by the organisation. We can supply basic training for these coordinators and customise workflows so the organisation is kept updated.
We can provide guides for many of the things volunteers might be asked to do including photography, drawing/sketching, personal engagement, Social Media engagement, etc.
We can supply proforma's (with any logo you provide or approve) that the volunteer coordinators and volunteers can use to record information with a standard and quality of data for the organisation.