Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory – outreach

Like the ODA (Offa’s Dyke Association), sadly it is seemingly run more by CPAT nowadays with little or no reply from the lead man there, the Collaboratory has its heart in the right place.  The ODA recently took us on as Outreach officer and Archaeologist in residence, this (so far) appears to mean little as the Collaboratory and Association is doing little without CPAT’s approval and “rubber stamping”.


CoSMM is the Community Stewardship of Mercian Monuments – essentially helping local communities monitor, care for, protect, inform others and appreciate more of the archaeology and heritage of the mercian monuments they live next to.
The project, in association with the Offa's Dyke Association, the Offa's Dyke Collaboratory and the Offa's Dyke Path links with CPAT, among other associations, to liaise with the local communities on the Welsh and English sides of the monuments to get their feedback as to what the monument means to them – and meant to them in the past.

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